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India needs Cluster Bombs immediately


Day by day, based on the Pakistan changing statement, & negative attitude towards the terrorism issue, it seems to be a critical situation today.


India is al set to go for big games in the battle field. But still because Pakistan threat of using nuclear weapon, India is now very seriously thinking of getting cluster bombs from United States.


 We do not want to fight but still for safety of our country, we need this safety guard ASAP.


What is the cluster bomb actually? And how does this work?


As far as my knowledge is concern about this, I think cluster bombs are based on the one by one mechanism. Once you drop cluster bombs, there are approx 40 bombs words all together who can actually destroy a big part of any area.


The mechanism behind this cluster bomb is they are all connected and once any one got blast, the nest one is also going to blast, and this same sequence goes on till the end of the 40th bomb.


Well this seems to be a very dangerous bomb ever made. India, Pakistan, USA are not in that list where many countries signed the agreement long time ago for not using these kind of bombs.


This cluster bomb is totally blind and don’t do any partiality. If it is gone, there would not be anyone who can actually save life in that area.


So if this continues, India definitely going to get these cluster bombs and will see what happens.


God safe every life…

Indian politics has a big problem for not taking the right decisions in time. The decisions which should have been taken long time ago, they are still thinking of it.


Is the current terrorist attack in Mumbai is not enough for giving them the evidence who have done this with what intentions? There are so many terrorist camp are running in POK Pakistan occupied Kashmir area where they can easily target the terrorist.


If Pakistan is not taking any action against those terrorists served by Pakistan in some manner, providing them space for camps, helping them in protection and training and vice-versa, India has to take action against those terrorist no matter who support them.


Although we understand what is attack is. The war is not good for any country, but this is not what we have started. We are simply replying them in the same manner they opt to.


I saw a movie, A Wednesday where Nasiruddin Shah, a stupid common man simply plan to kill those 4 sharp terrorist who have been held in different cases and were simply waiting for there decision to be taken by the government.


Nasiruddin Shah simply exploded them up in the high air so the terrorist around the world can see their final ending done by a stupid common man. Think if Indian army starts doing this, we will easily get the problem solved. .


I believe if they have opt this war, we must not stay out of it and let them see what Indian army can do with those who think life is a game. It is not a game.. and if it is a game, your game is Over Now…


What do you guys think.. Should India attack or still there are some chances where Pakistan can take a safe guard. 

Sheila Dikshit – Chief Minister of Delhi…. and Congress has done it again…..I believe this winning credit should go to delhi metro rail corporation….otherwise this was not possible for congress to cop-up in this critical time of economy down and attack in india.

S.No.  Constituency  Winner  Party 
3  Timarpur  Surender Pal Singh  Congress 
12  Mangol Puri(SC)  Raj Kumar Chauhan  Congress 
14  Shalimar Bagh  Ravinder Nath Bansal  BJP 
15  Shakur Basti  Shyam Lal Garg  BJP 
17  Wazirpur  Hari Shankar Gupta  Congress 
18  Model Town  Karan Kanwar Singh  Congress 
21  Matia Mahal  Shoib Iqbal  BJP 
29  Tilak Nagar  O P Babbar  BJP 
32  Uttam Nagar  Mukesh Sharma  Congress 
33  Dwarka  Mahabal Mishra  Congress 
34  Matiala  Sumesh  Congress 
35  Najafgarh  Bharat Singh  Congress 
36  Bijwasan  Sat Prakash Rana  BJP 
37  Palam  Dharam Dev Solanki  BJP 
38  Delhi Cant  Karan Singh Tanwar  BJP 
40  New Delhi  Sheila Dixit  Congress 
41  Jangpura  Tarvinder Singh Marwah  Congress 
42  Kasturba Nagar  Neeraj Basoya  Congress 
43  Malviya Nagar  Kiran Walia  Congress 
45  Mehrauli  Dr. Yogananda Shastri  Congress 
47  Deoli(SC)  Arvinder Singh  Congress 
48  Ambedkar Nagar(SC)  Ch. Prem Singh  Congress 
49  Sangam Vihar  S C Gupta  BJP 
50  Greater Kailash  V K Malhotra  BJP 
51  Kalkaji  Subhash Chopra  Congress 
58  Laxmi Nagar  A K Walia  Congress 
61  Gandhi Nagar  Arvinder Singh Lovely  Congress 
63  Seemapuri(SC)  Veer Singh Dhingan  Congress 
64  Rohtas Nagar  Ram Babu Sharma  Congress 
66  Ghonda  Sahab Singh Chouhan  BJP 
68  Gokalpur(SC)  Surendra Kumar  BSP

Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
oh what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh…….

Hey… Christmas Coming Friends… How are you celebrating Christmas 2009? Christmas is one of the most famous & religious festivals for Christians but now a days not only Christians, but also all religion celebrates Christmas like a one kind of festival… that’s good…. J

I have got some good Christmas stuff for you guys hope you will like this… Go and see that they have for you this Christmas.. Christmas tree, celebration, decoration, carols, songs, stores & shopping and more to have fun this Christmas…

Have fun friends… I just love Christmas…I would love to be a Christian next time… 🙂

No matter which country you belong to but this kind o act shows your mentality and state of your mind, level of your thinking.  Throwing shoes at one of the most powerful man of the united states “George Bush” is very shameful act.  

Surprise visit by US President George Bush to Iraq has been overshadowed by an incident in which two shoes were thrown at him during a news conference. An Iraqi journalist was wrestled to the floor by security guards after he called Mr Bush “a dog” and threw his footwear, just missing the president.  

The US president has now continued to Afghanistan to inspect troops there.  He arrived before dawn at Bagram air force base, and is due to hold talks with President Hamid Karzai.

Read More About this on BBC

It has been over 60 years of freedom but still Indian politics is not able to overcome from this terrorist problem. It has been 1000’s of times in India but still the state government having a good sleep.


No matter how many has gone under long lasting sleep due to this terrorism in India. Do you think, there will be a government in our neighbour country who will seriously think to fight against this terrorism? I don’t think so.


This Bombay Terrorist attack is something that has taken our loved ones life and it can not be wasted in the Indian politics.


Government has to take some serious action against Terrorist attack anywhere in India.


May god give peace to their soul who have scarifies their life fighting against terrorism for country. Salutes to them and shame on them who have been sitting outside of the country and planning these.

Hello friends….

I hope you everybody must be visiting your favorite destinations this new year. Me also visiting some chilled Indian destinations which are actually my long due plan to visit. I have travel a lot but I never got a chance to visit Shimla in India.

Although this is not much far in India, from our place where we live in new Delhi but still due to many reasons we have not got chance to travel to shilma.

Earlier we planned to travel Singapore, for 6D/7N but because we have our small very cute J baby with us who actually can not bear the long journey and a quite different climate f outside India so we changed the plan.

Now we are traveling to Shimla from 28th of December 2008 to 2nd of January 2009 staying in a 4 star hotel in shimla namely WoodPark Hotel-Shimla, Woodrina Estate, Dhalli, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Ph: 091-177-2647599.

This hotel package is good taken by MMT and it offers ▪ 2 meals – Breakfast & Dinner ▪2 drink coupon both alcoholic and non alcoholic ▪Unlimited snacks in the evening (veg and non veg) ▪Bonfire every evening ▪Complimentary pick up and drop from Shimla railway station and bus stand▪Fruit basket in room on first day ▪15 percent discount on additional food and beverages▪Welcome Drink (Non Alcoholic) ▪DJ dance for 2 nights

Although we are pure vegetarian but no matter what they offers in the package. This was easy to book from the mmt site.

We might plan to extend this tour for 3 to 4 days if the weather is good and the baby is also comfortable with it.

Lets see how does it go with the sweet baby because I am traveling first time with my first baby.. wish me luck…

Hello friends,

this is the first post in the blog. I believe that you will find this updated with everything i come across in my life.  No matter what it relates to if it is not very personal.. haha…

Hope to see your kind support…

Cheers to life….


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