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How to improve your online traffic and business?


If you are into the online business and you are willing to increase your online traffic you must have tried lots of techniques for your website promotion, where you must have invested a lots of money by paying to search engine optimization consultants, link building services, and many more.


What do you think if I tell you the best way of the promotion of your website? Yes right, this is free and goes not require any money to be invested. Only small time is needed to do this and results are amazing.


Article submission is one of the most popular, free, and fantastic way of online web promotion. Just you have to devote your time to your business, write about your services daily, put your best keywords there in your writing, submit your writing to the quality article submission sites like and get them approved.


This is done. Now your promotion is on. Webzine will promote your article free of cost which will lead so many free visitors to your business without even a single penny.


Is not it a good idea?


Yes it is……..keep submitting your articles to WebzineArticles.Com daily and enjoy free traffic to your website


Top 10 money saving tips while traveling abroad ………


When you go abroad for your tour or for some other purpose, and you are willing to save your money, here are some tips that can help you in saving the money outside your country.


1 – Try to travel through public transport.

2 – Don’t hire taxi or private vehicle if not necessary.

3 – Take a map of the area you are traveling to.

4 – Check out or ask for the local restaurants which are cheaper and don’t charge anything especially from tourist.

5 – Take local people help as a path finder instead of hiring car to travel.

6 – Make a daily plan for travel and try to visit the attractions which are in the same direction and then a different direction. So you don’t have to come back again n again.

7 – Ask for help from the authorize centers or tourist offices only or if not available then shops which are around rather than a person who is traveling like you. He can miss-guide you to some dangerous place, and all money gone.

8 – Have light food (here again you save the money) and take a water bottle in your bag from your hotel itself to avoid water expense.

9 – Use local calling cards if required to avoid your cell phone roaming charges.

10 – While shopping there, try to check out the real pricing at various centers or shops before you buy anything.


Hope you have save a lots of money. 🙂

Note – if you are willing to put these tips on your site, dont forget to link back to this post otherwise “NOT ALLOWED”

US President Barack Obama is expected to sign an executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay prison within a year.

A draft order circulated on Wednesday also called for halting military trials in the prison, where terror suspects had been held for years without trial.

Separate orders are expected to ban abusive interrogations and review the detention of terror suspects.

On his first full day in office on Wednesday, Mr Obama issued orders on government ethics and transparency.

The measures included curbs on lobbying and a pay freeze for senior White House staff. Federal employees will have to sign up to new ethics procedures.



What success brings to me….some false friends and true enemy..


This is not new to me especially but this is the culture now a days. If you are successful there are not only good things comes to your way with your success but also it brings something that you never thought of.


Obviously success brings you the new height to touch, new challenges, and new objective to achieve but at the same time it also brings some realistic things like if you are successful, your success brings you some false friends and true enemy. Yes this is right. I am not sure if this has happen to you and if not I wish it must not be.


I had been a party animal when I started my career. So many friends to talk and to share everything I had in my life. Since I have been started doing some good job, friends start leaving….friends start talking my success in the different ways. I tried very hard to cooperate with every situation but failed to take them back.


Friends start avoiding everything we use to share a lot. I believe this is due to success I had in my life. They were with me physically but they were actually thinking something else. This is very hard to believe that you are loosing your best friends due to your success. This is very hard to believe that rather then appreciating your success, your friends became your enemy. They are not happy with your success at all but takes it in the negative ways.


Later on they came in the same profession and same industry and start treating a best friend as a true enemy.


Well there is no benefit of the success that brings you. a best friends as a true enemy.


Why this happens..? 

We have read many stories for miracle but now we have seen this in real time. Its only 5 minute story and 155 people survive. 3:26PM a flight take off NY airport, suddenly pilot realized that bird hit both the engines of the plane. We try to look for the small airport around but failed.

What happened now…??

Around 3:31PM Captain Sullen Berger manages to ditch the flight under water in Hudson River. There were 155 passengers in the plane. Flight was actually floating on the river. The temperature under water was 1.5 degree. How will people manage with this?

The rescue team reaches immediately and all 155 passengers survive. There was no causality at all. This is the miracle. I believe that Capt. is very experienced that’s this has been successfully done.

I salute Capt. for his wonderful job and for saving 155 life.

There are various methods through you can book your stay anywhere but do you really think that the process you use for your booking is giving you the right deal according to your budget.


In 2003, we have planned a similar kind of project keeping this in mind that there must be a portal that can give you the best hotel deals anywhere. Well this is not an easy job but we tried hard and we did it finally. And then we bring a world class product for you yes.. made your hotel booking easy. 


If you are looking for hotel & accommodation in any city around the world, you don’t have to call your agent for asking dates are available or not, what is the best deal he can offer or what are the charges he is going to take from you and more on that is your booking confirmed.


There are so many things comes in your mind when you call him and ask. Well now there is no need to call your agent. Just logon to and you are done with your hotel booking.


This is one of the best hotel engines which will find you the best hotel deal selected out of 75000 hotels worldwide for your city. Just choose your city and select your hotel and get rates and book it online.


This will hardly take 3 minute for your booking and once paid, it is confirmed. No need to call agent no need to pay additional charges to agent.


We have started in 2003 with the plan to make it a one stop platform for everybody who wants to book stay online. In the starting we had managed only couple of booking somehow but since that time this has served over 3M booking and with only 11% cancellation rate of the booking. 89% of our booking are consumed on an average and this shows that we have the best deal with us. We have active association with some of the best market leader like,, and expedia as well.

Satyam Chief has been involved in 7000CR fraud. The big boss is really liar. The big liar.  Satyam shares has been 85% down since this has been public. How can you play with the investors money like that.

It is not a big surprise if we can see the many new faces behind the 7000 CR fraud by satyam. Satyam claims that they will pay salary to every staff..

But how.. are they gonna mortgage their own property they have abroad. Or they are gonna show their Swiss account, they must have….
Well the conclusion is the big name has the big scams ideas.

Satyam’s former CEO Ramalinga Raju is being produced before a magistrate as the government took coordinated action on the IT company that has become the centre of the biggest financial fraud in our country.

Raju may have owned up to the Rs 7,000 crore fraud, but he’s not going down alone. After arresting him and his brother, the CID has confirmed that company’s chief financial officer Srinivas Vadlamani will be the next one facing arrest.

Speaking to NDTV, Corporate Affairs Minister P C Gupta said, “Meeting with SEBI chief over Satyam case details is on. All actions on Satyam is being coordinated with SEBI.”

Ramalinga Raju and his brother Rama Raju were arrested on Saturday night. The Andhra CID officials grilled them all night. The two will be produced in court on Saturday.

United States has turned back. In the starting, American authorities was putting lots of pressure on Pakistan to handover the terror chief to India but now it seems that United States has taken a U turn and now saying that Pakistan should find out the truth and if found guilty, Pakistan should file a case against them who were involved in Bombay attack.

United States has again reserve his profit in this matter and because United States can not make much pressure on Pakistan due to the army help taken from Pakistan, now United States is simply trying to put normal pressure on Pakistan, which is not accepted by Indian at all.

Pakistan is not accepting the evidence given by India and asking for the evidence they like. Kasab has already been declared as a Pakistani. His family accepted the truth. But this is the Pakistan only who do not want to actually run a anti-terrorist campaign in Pakistan.

These terrorist are going to demolish this Pakistan one day if this continues.

Hello friends…
I wish you a very happy new year 2009 ahead. I wish that success come to your way every time. The New Year brings happiness, success, good opportunities in your life. May god bless you with everything you desire.

I wish this year you would be able to do some magical jobs that would take you to the upside in your career.
God bless you all
Happy New Year 2009 once again.

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  • raj: that really true
  • carmel bed and breakfast: Hey where is this city located i hadn't heard about this city.but according to your information it seems like its an awesome place.