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Why and how webmasters are using blog


Since the time, blog concept has been introduced to the web, webmasters are using the blogs to promote their business and also to keep their site new section updated using those links in the blogs.


Having a blog for any business is really good and helpful as well. But do you really know now a day why and how webmasters are using the blog like wordpress and blogspot and all?


If you are a webmasters, you must be knowing this. Webmasters are promoting their sites by using blogs but at the same time they are also trying to demote their competitors by submitting their copyright content to the free blogs, articles, and on all those sites who allows free submissions to their sites.


What is he doing really?


If a webmasters is really doing this and he think that this way he can demote his competitor, he is actually missing something here. He is actually not demoting his competitor’s site but actually he is demoting his own site because when they use the content to publish on the free sites, sometime they left their own website link to get a free link from there. And google is smart enough to understand this trick and he simply treat the linked site as a cheater site and neither they give negative to parent site nor they do any damage to the position in the parent site.


But at the same time, they give a negative mark to the cheater site, but webmasters is thinking that he has done a great job here.


Blogs are meant to update them with the regular updates in your organization or in your website or whatever it is. They are not meant to just link and link.


I will soon publish a list of those webmasters who really do this. Not only this but they also copy the whole website and feel happy.

The all new Honda City – Car of the year 2009


Did you ever get time to explore the all new Honda City Car which has been announced the best car of the year 2009. Well if you are willing to buy any car which is in the little upper segment and budget is around 8L, you must not miss your change to get the

all new Honda City.


I personally feel that this Honda car is one of the best cars not for the year 2009 only but this is going to be the best car of the century. Honda is always popular for its best quality and high performance cars and of-course for the best design as well.


Accord, new Honda city, and Honda City ZX and the early version of the Honda city are one of the best examples.


If you don’t have time to go there and to drive it to test it, not a problem, here you an go through and see the all new Honda city car of the year 2009


I am personally buying this car very soon.

Holi celebration in India

Holi has been one of the most favorite festivals in India especially in some cities. If you talk about metro cities, cities will be full of colors and there would not be any street you can find, without coloring grounds and water balloons.

In India, people celebrates holi in such manner so that it reduces the distance if you have with anybody in your friend circle, in your family and all.

A small word, happy holi is made very effectively and it also works. 

I wish your holi must be fantastic and colorful.

Don’t drink and drive and please don’t spoil your money in gambling and all in those stuff, which can really cause you a lots of issues later on.

Bright colors, water balloons, melodious songs and lavish gujias, are the key ingredients of the perfect holi.

Wish you a very happy holi 🙂

Sri Lankan cricket team attacked… Who’s next..?


Today when I woke up in the morning, I had major headache so I though I will stay at home today and I can also watch the Sri Lanka cricket match today. I had morning tea and I switch on the television. I normally don’t watch the news channel because they are giving the same information every day related to terror and all. So I though I will simply scan the channels and will find out the sports channel for the today match.


I was scanning the system and suddenly 1 news channel came across and I saw Sri Lankan team attacked line. I was shocked then I though because news channel creates hype for every small incident so I moved on. But I though I should go and watch what exactly happened with Sri Lankan team.


The news i got there was terrible and shocking. It was the Sri Lankan team only who have been attacked badly by almost 10 to 12 terrorist.


8 Sri Lankan cricket team players have been injured by the bullets….The group came and starts firing on the Sri Lankan team like this and there is nobody who can take this responsibility for the security.


What is the happening? Is the world is not the place to live? Where should we go and ask for help. Today this Sri Lankan team have been attacked and tomorrow they can attack any other team anywhere in the world.


I believe that this is the LTTE only who might have joined hand with the other terror groups and to take the revenge of the defeat by Sri Lankan forces, they have done this act.


This is very serious issue as if this is true that LTTE has join the LA Quaida and all those groups, this is going to be the worst combination. And now the option we have is to come together, and start demolishing these organizations today itself.


May god give us the power to defeat them

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