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IGIGI discontinued the affiliation without information to affiliates

If you really want to grow on the web, affiliates are one of the best options. IGIGI is a clothing merchant that also offers affiliation to the similar sites for women clothing.

We found that there are huge numbers of affiliates suffering due to the affiliation discontinued without prior information to affiliates to de-link the products or so. 

Affiliates are sending huge traffic to IGIGI on daily basis and thinking they will get the commission but seriously there is nothing like affiliation on the IGIGI.

I feel this is really not fair for a site to do this kind of joke with the affiliates.

Wish if the affiliates check their sites in time and protect their user from going on IGIGI in vain.

If you have a plan to discontinue the affiliates, there must be a rule and prior information email to affiliates so that they can plan their site business accordingly.

 Very bad.. – Demoting your business…Be aware of this site.. is treated as one of most popular social shopping site where people especially webmaster comes and add their client website and their product to their favorite list by adding the website url and title and small description and all.

This way webmaster tries to promote their websites through BUT did you really check the strategy of  Who did they use your website copyright content?

Yes you will be shocked if you check the site technology. If you are submitting your client site to promote to, I would like to warn you that you are not promoting your site but actually is using your entire content available of the submitted url and promoting their own website.

One day I checked my client websites and found that they are submitted in by their own users who are actually hired to submit the good sites in their own database so that they can copy the entire content of that website and earn by advertisement on the name of social shopping site.

I found my client multiple site in and when I checked them deeply, I found the all sites are totally copied to their site and they are not even willing to remove those content.

I am not sure how come a site can do this cheating with the web media. They are playing with the webmasters feeling that they are promoting their sites but actually is demoting your sites but creating your website duplicate pages..

I sent many emails them but they are sleeping and they are not willing to remove the stores..

If you guys are seriously willing to promote your client site.. don’t be a user of this site and check regularly if they have submitted your site themselves, ask them to remove your listings and go for legal penalties if they don’t remove it in time.

We have filled the legally DMCA to Google and waiting for the reply. is a Big fraud…shameful…

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Facing No-admiration wording

 Due to the recent accident happened in Delhi – Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is really in trouble now days. DMRC is facing no-admiration wordings even after so much is already done by these experts.

DMRC has created intra-rail network in Delhi when we people sleeps, when we people have fun in the home, DMRC workers works all the time 24/7 without having any issues.

 They are working to build a smooth transport for everyone in Delhi. I am not sure why people are creating these accidents like political issues.

 Yes I agree that accidents happened but it is a project of multi-billions dollars and it happens sometime.

 Rather then demoting them, we must come forward and tell everybody that DMRC is really doing a good job and it happens sometime.

 DMRC is also taking these 2 accidents seriously, and Gamon India also has been fined for some money i think. But still DMRC is one of the best company and they have done a great job here in Delhi so I would request everybody not to abuse them but appreciate and expect some good job from DMRC.

Customs duty on bio-diesel reduced.
Silver to cost more.
Tax to be levied on Law Firms.
Textile units to receive tax holiday.
LCD TVs to cost less. Custom duty on LCD TVs cut from 10% to 5%.
Set-Top Boxes to cost more. Customs duty of 5% on set-top boxes.
To extend tax holiday for commercial production of mineral oil and natural gas.
Fringe Benefit Tax abolished.
Commodity Transaction Tax abolished.
Personal income tax exemption hiked by Rs 10,000.
No surcharge of 10% on personal income tax.
Centralised processing center at Bengalooru to streamline taxation.
No change in corporate tax.
Increase in exemption slab for senior citizens by Rs 15,000.
Fiscal deficit at 6.8% of GDP.

Proposes Rs 500 cr for rehabilation of displaced persons of northern and eastern areas of Sri Lanka.

Aila Relief proposed at Rs 1,000 crore.
Increased allocation for higher education. New IITs to be set up. Rs 2,113 cr for IITs and NITs.
Rs 25 cr each for AMU campuses in Murshidabad and Mallapuram.
Defence outlay goes up. One lakh dwelling units for paramilitary forces personnel to be constructed.
Allowances to para-military forces at par with defence forces. One rank, one pension for ex-servicemen.
One rank, one pension for ex-servicemen.
Allocation for Commonwealth Games to be raised to Rs 3472 crore
Online job exchange to be started with private partnership.
Unique ID plan to roll out in 12-18 months.
Top people from private sector to be given responsibility of vital national projects.
Interest subsidy for home loans up to Rs 1 lakh.
All BPL families to be bought under one smart card program.
50% of all rural women to be brought into self-help group programmes.
Rural mega clusters in Bengal and Rajasthan.
To add handloom clusters in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.
75% hike in irrigation projects.
Rural Housing: Allocation to Indira Awaas Yojna hiked by 63% to Rs 8,883 cr. Rs 7000 crores for rural electrification scheme.
Rs 31,100 crore allocation for NREGA. NREGA gave employment opportunities to more than 4.479 cr households.
Rs 100 cr one-time grant to expand banks in non-banking areas.
Banks, insurance to stay with Govt. Banking network to be expanded.
Expert panel to look into petroleum product pricing. Domestic oil prices must be in sync with global prices.
‘Aam Admi’ is the focus of all our programmes and schemes: Pranab
Tax system should be such that it shold encourage voluntary compliance.
Income Tax forms to be made user-friendly. Saral-II forms to simplify taxation process.
Export Credit Guarantee scheme extended till March 2010.
Stimulus package to print media extended till December 31.
Farmers loan interest to come down to 6%. Interest subvention scheme for farm loans to be manitained.
Additional budget allocation for farmers.
IIFCL will refinance 60% of commercial bank loans in PPP. IIFCL to look at infrastructure needs.
Mumbai flood management allocation hiked to Rs 500 cr.
87% rise in urban renewal mission. Housing allocation hiked.
Fiscal stimulus at 3.5% of GDP
Allocation for NHAI up 23%
Trade in goods and services doubled in 2008
Job creation hit due to economic slowdown: Pranab
Govt took 3 stimulus packages so far. Two worst quarters of the global economic crisis is now behind us: Pranab
One budget can not solve all problems: Pranab
Foreign capital inflow is important
Increased focus on growth and encourage nation’s development
Sustain growth rate of 9% for a longer period. Farm sector growth at 4%
Union Finance Minsiter begins his speech. This is Pranab Mukherjee’s 4th budget.
Cabinet approves Union Budget.

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