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Search engine marketing is one of the most popular marketing method now a days and since it is non paid marketing campaign, this may help you in long lasting results in business growth if done right by the experts only. SEM may incorporate search engine optimization which adjusts or rewrites the content of website and site architecture to attain a higher ranking in search engine result page to enhance pay per click listings.

Find out the methods that would help in your search engine ranking improvement

There have been so many affiliate marketing companies who promises to give your business a boost, but out of those good companies, some of them are kind of affiliate marketing companies, whose real business is something else.

We join ClixGalore for almost 1 year. We have never been advised to help the business. We have never been suggested to do some extra activities that supposed to be provided as per the agreement.

We have been sent few and very poor and spam sites owner to join our affiliate program, which are nowhere related to our business. Our program supposed to be promoted in their monthly newsletters, and banners on their various websites, that they never did. And they also did not give any answer, when we ask for the same. We had been told that your program activation date was this and that and due to this, we could not do your promotion. And after also we have not been promoted.

The so called dedicated account manager never replied our email, or if replied, we got clear answer that ClixGalore program does not guarantee any click or business to your website in any manner. If you are not satisfied with the performance, please close your merchant program, and we will refund your money after deducting termination fee.

This termination fee is the real business they are doing. They are doing a good business from the termination amount. You just join their network, you wait for 1 year, you pay them for promotion, when you get nothing, you pay them their termination fee and get off.

We have found ClixGaloreas a very poor and unprofessional affiliate marketing company and we would not like to recommend this to anyone. If you are serious about your business, and want affiliate marketing to help your business sales, try something else.


CAUTION– When you try to join this program and see your competitors listed their, they show a date for the latest transaction for that merchant, which creates an impression that your competitor has got some sale done on that date from this network. But the fact is, this transaction could be anything from your login to your merchant account to affiliate join request in your account, click received in your account, but this is certainly not a sale transaction because you get no sale from them.


IGIGI discontinued the affiliation without information to affiliates

If you really want to grow on the web, affiliates are one of the best options. IGIGI is a clothing merchant that also offers affiliation to the similar sites for women clothing.

We found that there are huge numbers of affiliates suffering due to the affiliation discontinued without prior information to affiliates to de-link the products or so. 

Affiliates are sending huge traffic to IGIGI on daily basis and thinking they will get the commission but seriously there is nothing like affiliation on the IGIGI.

I feel this is really not fair for a site to do this kind of joke with the affiliates.

Wish if the affiliates check their sites in time and protect their user from going on IGIGI in vain.

If you have a plan to discontinue the affiliates, there must be a rule and prior information email to affiliates so that they can plan their site business accordingly.

 Very bad..

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  • deepika: really it is fraud company...i have purchased one mailer server and i had sent emails so many time but sender did'nt received any mail and Mr. Anant s
  • raj: that really true
  • carmel bed and breakfast: Hey where is this city located i hadn't heard about this city.but according to your information it seems like its an awesome place.