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Top 10 money saving tips while traveling abroad ………


When you go abroad for your tour or for some other purpose, and you are willing to save your money, here are some tips that can help you in saving the money outside your country.


1 – Try to travel through public transport.

2 – Don’t hire taxi or private vehicle if not necessary.

3 – Take a map of the area you are traveling to.

4 – Check out or ask for the local restaurants which are cheaper and don’t charge anything especially from tourist.

5 – Take local people help as a path finder instead of hiring car to travel.

6 – Make a daily plan for travel and try to visit the attractions which are in the same direction and then a different direction. So you don’t have to come back again n again.

7 – Ask for help from the authorize centers or tourist offices only or if not available then shops which are around rather than a person who is traveling like you. He can miss-guide you to some dangerous place, and all money gone.

8 – Have light food (here again you save the money) and take a water bottle in your bag from your hotel itself to avoid water expense.

9 – Use local calling cards if required to avoid your cell phone roaming charges.

10 – While shopping there, try to check out the real pricing at various centers or shops before you buy anything.


Hope you have save a lots of money. 🙂

Note – if you are willing to put these tips on your site, dont forget to link back to this post otherwise “NOT ALLOWED”

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