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Why after 15 years of 1996 world cup semi final match, vinod kambli has been spreading rumors that 1996 world cup between India and Sri Lanka was fixxed.

Kambli said that team had already decided to bat first if we won the toss, but suddenly Azhar, Captain of Team, decided to field first.

According to kambli, because match was fixed, india lost the early wickets and lose the match.

what do you….? what happened to Vinod kambli, or Is there any reality what he is saying….?

Pakistan Champions really played well the entire world cup and they got the crown. Last year, they have lost the final and India won the T20 world cup 2008 but this time Pakistan seriously did a wonderful job and took the world cup to their country.

Although they have won the game and now they are champion now but i believe that there are teams who could have also proved them as a champion.

India lost the battle in the starting and they were out of the game due to the poor captaincy plus the worst performance by the entire unit of team India.

I hope if they want to play the T20 world cup 2010, team India have to really improve their stamina and skills in the ground instead of having fun with girl friend. Otherwise you people going to loose everything you earn from the game that you are not talking seriously.

Warning to team India………….

T20 world cup – Champions lost the battle

 Team India – T20 champions for the game has lost the battle. Cricket has been a game of money now a day. I am sure in coming era, definitely new cricket concepts will be introduced but do you think that team India will be able to set them up with the new formats.

 It looks like team India is really not capable of wining these games or to be real champions.

 The champions could not make it for the semifinals and back to the country. Do you think, team mates are really caring like we do here on our TV screens? They lose a wicket, we lose a hearth beat. They lose a game, we lose a dream.

 Yuvraj said, they don’t need any practice and they are quite capable of winning these games. Hum…. I can understand Yuvi…… You guys are capable of what….

Money….. Girl friend………….Bike and Luxury Cars………. That’s it… No more cricket you can play.

 Shame on the team India for losing the battle.

 What do you guys think on this….???

  Match Played Win Lost NR RR P
Delhi 10 8 2 0 0.36 16
Chennai 10 6 3 1 1.22 13
Hyderabad 11 6 5 0 0.29 12
Mumbai 11 5 5 1 0.54 11
Rajasthan 11 5 5 1 -0.4 11
Bangalore 11 5 6 0 -0.4 10
Punjab 11 5 6 0 -0.6 10
Kolkata 11 1 9 1 -1 3

Deccan Chargers  (6.5 Out of 10)

Adam Gilchrist   – I believe that he is the only man in the team who has taken the team so far in IPL. A very strong captain. He can turn the table on his own shoulder. 

Andrew Symonds  – My god.. He is not a man; he is the super man Deccan Chargers have in their team. As now he is back in the team so now this is gonna hurt everybody.

 Herschelle Gibbs – He is still good although did not see much from him but still can do good job.

 Chaminda Vaas, Rohit Sharma, Scott Styris are the other 3 good cricketers Deccan Chargers have in the team so they can also do some big jobs here.

Chennai Super Kings (6 out of 10)

 There are couple of players who can actually turn the game easily like

 MS Dhoni   – can do the job with the bat. He is excellent team captain

 Matthew Hayden – one of the fantastic player Chennai Super Kings has who actually well skilled batsman in the team and really impressive.

 Suresh Raina  – is also good with the bat but not much reliable for winning point of view.

 Muttiah Muralitharan  – he is sharp bowler and really a man who can actually turn the table quickly. Sharp turn..

 Stephen Fleming – good with the bat sometime but can not trust as this is T20 cricket.

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