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Why and how webmasters are using blog


Since the time, blog concept has been introduced to the web, webmasters are using the blogs to promote their business and also to keep their site new section updated using those links in the blogs.


Having a blog for any business is really good and helpful as well. But do you really know now a day why and how webmasters are using the blog like wordpress and blogspot and all?


If you are a webmasters, you must be knowing this. Webmasters are promoting their sites by using blogs but at the same time they are also trying to demote their competitors by submitting their copyright content to the free blogs, articles, and on all those sites who allows free submissions to their sites.


What is he doing really?


If a webmasters is really doing this and he think that this way he can demote his competitor, he is actually missing something here. He is actually not demoting his competitor’s site but actually he is demoting his own site because when they use the content to publish on the free sites, sometime they left their own website link to get a free link from there. And google is smart enough to understand this trick and he simply treat the linked site as a cheater site and neither they give negative to parent site nor they do any damage to the position in the parent site.


But at the same time, they give a negative mark to the cheater site, but webmasters is thinking that he has done a great job here.


Blogs are meant to update them with the regular updates in your organization or in your website or whatever it is. They are not meant to just link and link.


I will soon publish a list of those webmasters who really do this. Not only this but they also copy the whole website and feel happy.

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