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United States has turned back. In the starting, American authorities was putting lots of pressure on Pakistan to handover the terror chief to India but now it seems that United States has taken a U turn and now saying that Pakistan should find out the truth and if found guilty, Pakistan should file a case against them who were involved in Bombay attack.

United States has again reserve his profit in this matter and because United States can not make much pressure on Pakistan due to the army help taken from Pakistan, now United States is simply trying to put normal pressure on Pakistan, which is not accepted by Indian at all.

Pakistan is not accepting the evidence given by India and asking for the evidence they like. Kasab has already been declared as a Pakistani. His family accepted the truth. But this is the Pakistan only who do not want to actually run a anti-terrorist campaign in Pakistan.

These terrorist are going to demolish this Pakistan one day if this continues.

India needs Cluster Bombs immediately


Day by day, based on the Pakistan changing statement, & negative attitude towards the terrorism issue, it seems to be a critical situation today.


India is al set to go for big games in the battle field. But still because Pakistan threat of using nuclear weapon, India is now very seriously thinking of getting cluster bombs from United States.


 We do not want to fight but still for safety of our country, we need this safety guard ASAP.


What is the cluster bomb actually? And how does this work?


As far as my knowledge is concern about this, I think cluster bombs are based on the one by one mechanism. Once you drop cluster bombs, there are approx 40 bombs words all together who can actually destroy a big part of any area.


The mechanism behind this cluster bomb is they are all connected and once any one got blast, the nest one is also going to blast, and this same sequence goes on till the end of the 40th bomb.


Well this seems to be a very dangerous bomb ever made. India, Pakistan, USA are not in that list where many countries signed the agreement long time ago for not using these kind of bombs.


This cluster bomb is totally blind and don’t do any partiality. If it is gone, there would not be anyone who can actually save life in that area.


So if this continues, India definitely going to get these cluster bombs and will see what happens.


God safe every life…

Indian politics has a big problem for not taking the right decisions in time. The decisions which should have been taken long time ago, they are still thinking of it.


Is the current terrorist attack in Mumbai is not enough for giving them the evidence who have done this with what intentions? There are so many terrorist camp are running in POK Pakistan occupied Kashmir area where they can easily target the terrorist.


If Pakistan is not taking any action against those terrorists served by Pakistan in some manner, providing them space for camps, helping them in protection and training and vice-versa, India has to take action against those terrorist no matter who support them.


Although we understand what is attack is. The war is not good for any country, but this is not what we have started. We are simply replying them in the same manner they opt to.


I saw a movie, A Wednesday where Nasiruddin Shah, a stupid common man simply plan to kill those 4 sharp terrorist who have been held in different cases and were simply waiting for there decision to be taken by the government.


Nasiruddin Shah simply exploded them up in the high air so the terrorist around the world can see their final ending done by a stupid common man. Think if Indian army starts doing this, we will easily get the problem solved. .


I believe if they have opt this war, we must not stay out of it and let them see what Indian army can do with those who think life is a game. It is not a game.. and if it is a game, your game is Over Now…


What do you guys think.. Should India attack or still there are some chances where Pakistan can take a safe guard. 

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