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What success brings to me….some false friends and true enemy..


This is not new to me especially but this is the culture now a days. If you are successful there are not only good things comes to your way with your success but also it brings something that you never thought of.


Obviously success brings you the new height to touch, new challenges, and new objective to achieve but at the same time it also brings some realistic things like if you are successful, your success brings you some false friends and true enemy. Yes this is right. I am not sure if this has happen to you and if not I wish it must not be.


I had been a party animal when I started my career. So many friends to talk and to share everything I had in my life. Since I have been started doing some good job, friends start leaving….friends start talking my success in the different ways. I tried very hard to cooperate with every situation but failed to take them back.


Friends start avoiding everything we use to share a lot. I believe this is due to success I had in my life. They were with me physically but they were actually thinking something else. This is very hard to believe that you are loosing your best friends due to your success. This is very hard to believe that rather then appreciating your success, your friends became your enemy. They are not happy with your success at all but takes it in the negative ways.


Later on they came in the same profession and same industry and start treating a best friend as a true enemy.


Well there is no benefit of the success that brings you. a best friends as a true enemy.


Why this happens..? 

Hello friends…
I wish you a very happy new year 2009 ahead. I wish that success come to your way every time. The New Year brings happiness, success, good opportunities in your life. May god bless you with everything you desire.

I wish this year you would be able to do some magical jobs that would take you to the upside in your career.
God bless you all
Happy New Year 2009 once again.

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