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Sri Lankan cricket team attacked… Who’s next..?


Today when I woke up in the morning, I had major headache so I though I will stay at home today and I can also watch the Sri Lanka cricket match today. I had morning tea and I switch on the television. I normally don’t watch the news channel because they are giving the same information every day related to terror and all. So I though I will simply scan the channels and will find out the sports channel for the today match.


I was scanning the system and suddenly 1 news channel came across and I saw Sri Lankan team attacked line. I was shocked then I though because news channel creates hype for every small incident so I moved on. But I though I should go and watch what exactly happened with Sri Lankan team.


The news i got there was terrible and shocking. It was the Sri Lankan team only who have been attacked badly by almost 10 to 12 terrorist.


8 Sri Lankan cricket team players have been injured by the bullets….The group came and starts firing on the Sri Lankan team like this and there is nobody who can take this responsibility for the security.


What is the happening? Is the world is not the place to live? Where should we go and ask for help. Today this Sri Lankan team have been attacked and tomorrow they can attack any other team anywhere in the world.


I believe that this is the LTTE only who might have joined hand with the other terror groups and to take the revenge of the defeat by Sri Lankan forces, they have done this act.


This is very serious issue as if this is true that LTTE has join the LA Quaida and all those groups, this is going to be the worst combination. And now the option we have is to come together, and start demolishing these organizations today itself.


May god give us the power to defeat them


Indian politics has a big problem for not taking the right decisions in time. The decisions which should have been taken long time ago, they are still thinking of it.


Is the current terrorist attack in Mumbai is not enough for giving them the evidence who have done this with what intentions? There are so many terrorist camp are running in POK Pakistan occupied Kashmir area where they can easily target the terrorist.


If Pakistan is not taking any action against those terrorists served by Pakistan in some manner, providing them space for camps, helping them in protection and training and vice-versa, India has to take action against those terrorist no matter who support them.


Although we understand what is attack is. The war is not good for any country, but this is not what we have started. We are simply replying them in the same manner they opt to.


I saw a movie, A Wednesday where Nasiruddin Shah, a stupid common man simply plan to kill those 4 sharp terrorist who have been held in different cases and were simply waiting for there decision to be taken by the government.


Nasiruddin Shah simply exploded them up in the high air so the terrorist around the world can see their final ending done by a stupid common man. Think if Indian army starts doing this, we will easily get the problem solved. .


I believe if they have opt this war, we must not stay out of it and let them see what Indian army can do with those who think life is a game. It is not a game.. and if it is a game, your game is Over Now…


What do you guys think.. Should India attack or still there are some chances where Pakistan can take a safe guard.