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Hello friends,


Hope you all are doing well. There are millions of people in the world whose wish gets approved on daily basis by the creator of the world, but do you think they really appreciate this approval and thanks to the God?


Yes they do, but do you think why they do? Because, if they don’t thank to god, their upcoming wishes will not be approved at all.


Well if you have got whatever you wanted to have, you must say thank to the god and also say that hey god, you are really kind and helpful to your people. You really takes care of your babies. We love you.


The more you thank to god, the biggest list you can produce to him and I can bet you, your every wish is going to be accepted.


So my friends, my brothers, every time you sit, every time you stand, every time eat, every time you drink, every time you sleep, every time you wake up, say thank to god.


And listen he is around you every time to listen you, it is your wish, you say it or don’t say it.


Thank you God for the garden you gave me when all I asked for was a flower.

Thank you God for the ocean, when all I asked for was some rain.

Thank you God for the beauty you have created, when all I asked for was to see.

Thank you God for the multitude of friends in my life, when all I asked for was love.

Thank you God for all that I have received from you and most of all, that I know I am never alone, for You are always here beside me.

Thank you God for giving your son to forgive us of our sins.

I love you God and am not afraid to share this with the world and spread your word.

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  • raj: that really true
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