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Billu Barber is one of the worst movie that I have ever seen in my live after Naqaab.

If you are willing to go and watch this movie, I would recommend not wasting your money and time and off-course your passion about movie.


This movie Billu Barber is one of the 3rd class movie that I came across. We went to the movie Billu Barber last night and it was horrible movie. There is no plot at all, as usual farah khan invited 3 to 4 guest for the item numbers.


There is no story at all and I don’t see any role of Billu Barber here. Even there is nothing about the Billu Barber, he is a very poor man and surviving for his family requirement and all that old drama.


Suddenly Sahir Khan came in the picture and then 3 to 4 songs and then a speech by Sahir khan in his village and all well.


I had also seen naqaab long time ago where actually there was an ok-ok story but not so much exiting, and I though that was the worst movie, but sorry I had to think again now.


I would rate this Billu Barber movie 2.5 Stars out of 10 stars. 

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