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Why after 15 years of 1996 world cup semi final match, vinod kambli has been spreading rumors that 1996 world cup between India and Sri Lanka was fixxed.

Kambli said that team had already decided to bat first if we won the toss, but suddenly Azhar, Captain of Team, decided to field first.

According to kambli, because match was fixed, india lost the early wickets and lose the match.

what do you….? what happened to Vinod kambli, or Is there any reality what he is saying….?

The commonwealth games are a reminder of the glorious days of the British past , held every four years since 1954.It marks the relationship of the fellow British colonies with the mother state which is great Britain. As per the norms of the games next year in 2010 the commonwealth games are supposed to be heald in the historic city of delhi ,which is the capital city of India. 

This would mark the coming in of global atheletes into the great city of delhi, which itself has a glorious past and as one says , the seven cities of delhi would once again feature on the global scenario, and the world would look forward to the upcoming event as something which marks the break for india from its past. one would say the resurrection of the phoenix from the ashes of its past .

Delhi is also doing much for the games and its organisation as the worlds eye would be turned towards Delhi , better infrastructure and health care for the atheletes are being provided , and taken care of by the delhi government. For lodging purposes and food hotels are being approached to expand their facilities and even local homes are being asked to take care of guests on rental basis , therefore, the government wants to leave no stone unturned in the organisation of the commonwealth games .

There would be site seeing tours organised all over the city for the visitors ,who would have a brush with Delhi’s past and also learn about the future promises of the city of  delhi. Overall the success of the commonwealth games would reflect on the future of India’s bright vision for being an economic and social global power.

A month before the scheduled policy review by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Deputy Governor Shyamala Gopinath said that the focus of the central bank is on managing the recovery and on containment of inflation rather than fostering growth.

Speaking at Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce on Monday, Shyamala Gopinath said, “The near-term policy challenges are clearly conditioned by the evolving growth-inflation outcome that supports shifting the balance of policy focus on managing the recovery and on containment of inflation.”

Given the dominance of food price inflation in shaping overall course of inflation, the RBI policy would be towards addressing supply constraints. “Since supply shocks take time to taper off, there is a risk that high inflation in essential commodities could affect inflation expectations over time and give rise to generalised inflation.”

When prices go beyond a level and the government cannot control it, the RBI is expected to contain it by increasing interest rates. “Containing inflation is more important than ensuring higher rate of growth. It is a good thing that the RBI has hinted at containing food inflation,” said Shirin Bagga, Economist, Boston Analytics. “Food prices need to come down, which would translate into money flowing into the economy through investments and other channels.”

The comments follow those from fellow Deputy Governor Subir Gokarn on Thursday, who said the January policy review would focus both on growth and inflation, instead of only growth.

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Pakistan Champions really played well the entire world cup and they got the crown. Last year, they have lost the final and India won the T20 world cup 2008 but this time Pakistan seriously did a wonderful job and took the world cup to their country.

Although they have won the game and now they are champion now but i believe that there are teams who could have also proved them as a champion.

India lost the battle in the starting and they were out of the game due to the poor captaincy plus the worst performance by the entire unit of team India.

I hope if they want to play the T20 world cup 2010, team India have to really improve their stamina and skills in the ground instead of having fun with girl friend. Otherwise you people going to loose everything you earn from the game that you are not talking seriously.

Warning to team India………….

Holi celebration in India

Holi has been one of the most favorite festivals in India especially in some cities. If you talk about metro cities, cities will be full of colors and there would not be any street you can find, without coloring grounds and water balloons.

In India, people celebrates holi in such manner so that it reduces the distance if you have with anybody in your friend circle, in your family and all.

A small word, happy holi is made very effectively and it also works. 

I wish your holi must be fantastic and colorful.

Don’t drink and drive and please don’t spoil your money in gambling and all in those stuff, which can really cause you a lots of issues later on.

Bright colors, water balloons, melodious songs and lavish gujias, are the key ingredients of the perfect holi.

Wish you a very happy holi 🙂

Satyam Chief has been involved in 7000CR fraud. The big boss is really liar. The big liar.  Satyam shares has been 85% down since this has been public. How can you play with the investors money like that.

It is not a big surprise if we can see the many new faces behind the 7000 CR fraud by satyam. Satyam claims that they will pay salary to every staff..

But how.. are they gonna mortgage their own property they have abroad. Or they are gonna show their Swiss account, they must have….
Well the conclusion is the big name has the big scams ideas.

Satyam’s former CEO Ramalinga Raju is being produced before a magistrate as the government took coordinated action on the IT company that has become the centre of the biggest financial fraud in our country.

Raju may have owned up to the Rs 7,000 crore fraud, but he’s not going down alone. After arresting him and his brother, the CID has confirmed that company’s chief financial officer Srinivas Vadlamani will be the next one facing arrest.

Speaking to NDTV, Corporate Affairs Minister P C Gupta said, “Meeting with SEBI chief over Satyam case details is on. All actions on Satyam is being coordinated with SEBI.”

Ramalinga Raju and his brother Rama Raju were arrested on Saturday night. The Andhra CID officials grilled them all night. The two will be produced in court on Saturday.

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  • deepika: really it is fraud company...i have purchased one mailer server and i had sent emails so many time but sender did'nt received any mail and Mr. Anant s
  • raj: that really true
  • carmel bed and breakfast: Hey where is this city located i hadn't heard about this city.but according to your information it seems like its an awesome place.